Depart from Surabaya or Malang.
Beginning leave from Yogyakarta, you can using train and transit in the cities mentioned above. Bromo Ijen 3D2N packages is a combination of 2 attractions of National Park in east java as a favorite and frequently visited by local and foreign tourists, we combine so in this Package Ijen 3D2N that custumers backpacker can more efficient and is well suited for customers who want to stay in Bali. The first edition of this package we will visit the Bakung plantations which is located 4km from the main road Bromo. As for the facilities provided are...

Include  :
1. Transportation private car.
2. Homestay 2x (Bromo - Ijen).
3. Entrance ticket 3x  (BJBR - Bromo - Ijen).
4. Local Guide   ( Ijen).
5. Masker.
6. Jeep 4WD Bromo.
7. Mineral.
8. Parking fees + Road fees.

Exclude  :
1. Tour guide.
2. Additional meals. 
3. Optional tour.

Point Visit  :
1. BJBR     (Manggrove plantation).
2. Mt Penanjakan.
3. Love hill.
4. Bromo crater.
5. Pasir putih beach.
6. Ijen crater.
7. Blue fire.
8. Coffee plantation.

Schedule  :
1. Max Departure 12am from Surabaya or Malang.
    (Airport - Hotel - Station).
2. Finish drop of can be done at Port Ketapang.

Itinerary   :
1 day.  Surabaya or Malang to Bromo.
Pickup at the place and time that has been prepared and than delivered to the waterfall Madakaripura. It is located in a corner of the village near Bromo region, after enough then delivery to the inn. Estimated 16.00, free time. Preparation for going to the Mt Penanjakan at 3.30 am with the jeep 4WD we had prepared.

2 day.   Bromo to Ijen.
At 3.30 am go to the Mt Penanjakan for to see sunrise, while waiting for our time to have a chat in a coffee shop, afterward 5.45 am going down with the jeep to the Bromo crater a cross sea sand, go to Bromo crater can walk or rent horse, until 7.30 and delivery to the inn (breakfast) prepare 8.30 leave Bromo going to Ijen crater by drive and stop at beach pasir putih for lunch on local restourant, 3 hours drive from Bromo, enough rest and continue delivery go to homestay ijen area, where in the course of the tour will pass through coffee plantation, rubber, suger cane plantation. Estimated up in homestay at 16.30 and break, free time. Preparation for going to Ijen crater at 1.30 am.

  Price List Ijen 3D2N
 Pax    W-Day   W-End  Cars 
  2 a3550K  z3750K  AVZ
  3 x3150K y3350K INV
  4 b5300K m5500K ELF
  5    OK   OK  -0

NOTE :  
1. You can choose another hotel and we can discuss.
2. Also provides Bromo Ijen 3D2N trips, transport only.    Click my blog here

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