If you are in Surabaya, Malang, Mojokerto and Probolinggo city need SHARING TRANSPORTATION, we are ready to serve your travels and we only provide the car with a capacity of 4 person, but  we can discuss for add capacity.
For example when you are in Yogyakarta, your plan will to go to Tumpaksewu, Mt Bromo, Ijen crater and than Bali, to get easier you can using by Train but you can transit in one of the cities mentioned above. 

St Malang : Malioboro express and Malabar.
St Probolinggo : Sri tanjung, Logawa, Ranggajati.

We know the way to several tourist attractions with an experienced driver.This opportunity is perfect for you if you would like to visit national Park and go to Bali. We can combine it.
Please you can contact us and choose the destination city you want, such as Surabaya, Malang and Probolinggo train station. We provide information and we have also a standard price list of other tour programs. 

Kilometer Mlg SbyBwiSloSmrgJgyBgrBdg Jkt 
 Malang  0 100280390 5954159599001020
 Srbaya 100  0300265 4953459358001000
 Bwangi 280 300  0565 605645123511001300
 Solo 390  265565 0 230 60599470 625
 Smrang 595 495795230  0170550420 605
 Jogya 415 345645 60 170  0540410 595
 Bogor 959 9351235599 550540  0130  60
 Bndung 900 8001100470 420410130  0 190
 Jakarta10201000 1300625 605595 60190  0

Some popular tourist spots frequented by tourists are Mt Bromo, Semeru, Ijen crater, Tumpak Sewu, Baluran National park, Sukamade beach, Sempu tracking for snorkeling and diving activities location on Menjangan and Gili labak island. 

In short, so if you are solo traveling and want to go to Tumpaksewu, Bromo, Ijen by sharing transportation, i am ready to arrange it.
Please select a destination on the link below.

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