Including :
1. Transportation.
2. Homestay.
3. Entrance Ticket 2x.
4. Jeep 4WD Bromo.
5. Mineral.
6. Parking + Toll.

Visit Point :
1. BJBR.    (Mangrove plantation)
2. Mt. Penanjakan.
3. Love Hill.
4. Bromo creater.
5. Teletabis Hill.
6. Sea Sand.

Schedule :
1. Depart from Malang or Surabaya max at 12 noon.
    (Airport Hotel Station).

Itinerary   :
1. Pick up at the place and time that has been prepared and than delivered to the Bee Jay Bakung Resort  located in a corner of the village near to Beach , then after enough delivery to the inn. Estimated arrive 16.00 and free program. Preparation for going to the Mt Penanjakan at 2.30 am with the jeep 4WD we had prepared.

2. At 2.30 am go to the Mt Penanjakan for to see sunrise (1 hours), while waiting for our time to have a chat in a coffee shop, after enough then 6.00 going down with the jeep to the Bromo crater a cross sea sand, go to Bromo crater can walk or rent horse.