Depart from Surabaya or Malang.
4D3N Baluran package is Bromo Ijen Baluran and can be done drop in Ketapang port Banyuwangi.
Baluran national park as a conservation area in which to have a wide variety of flora and fauna are dry and hot climates, and is located on the eastern tip of the island of Java. There are several types of plants and animal found in Baluran, plants in this Baluran which there are as many as 444 species of native plants typical of Pilang are able to adapt in a very dry conditions although other plants have withered and dry, currently there are 26 species of mammals animals including Bull, Wild buffalo, Deer, Leopard, animals maskot Bull is typical of national park Baluran.

Including  :
1. Transportation private car.
2. Homestay / Hotel.  (Bromo-Baluran-Ijen).
3. Entrance fee  4x.  (BJBR-Bromo-Baluran-Ijen).
4. Jeep Bromo 4WD.
5. Guide local.    ( Ijen ).
6. Masker.
7.. Mineral.
8. Parking + Tol.  

 Excluding  :
1. Tour Guide.
2. Additional Meals.
3. Optional Tour.

Point Visit  :
1. BJBR.   ( Manggrove plantation).
2. Mt Penanjakan.   (Sunrise).
3. Love Hill.
4. Bromo creater.
5. Pasir putih Beach.
6. Baluran.
7.. Ijen creater.
8. Blue fire.
9. Coffee plantation.

Schedule  :
1. Departing at 12am from Malang / Surabaya.
2. Finish drop can be done Ketapang port Banyuwangi.

Ittenerary  :
First day.
Pick up at the place and time that has been prepared and than delivered to the waterfall Madakaripura locaterd in a corner of the village near Bromo region then deliveri to the inn. Free program. Preparation for going to the Mt Penanjakan at 2.30 am with a jeep 4WD we had prepared.

Second day.
At 2.30am go to the Mt Penanjakan for to see sunrise, while waiting for our time to have a chat in a coffee shop, afterward 5.45 going down to the Bromo creater a cross sea sand, go to Bromo creater can walk or hire horse until 7.30 continue go to the inn. (Breakfast and Prepare). And 8.30am continue go to Ijen creater and stop at Pasir putih Beach for lunch at local restourant, -+3 hours drive from Bromo, and continue go to homestay Ijen -+3 hours drive,
Where in the course of the tour will pass through Coffee plantation, Rubber, Suger cane plantation. Estimated up in homestay at 16.30 and break free program, Preparation for going to Ijen creater at 1.30am.

Third day.
1.30am early morning we leave homestay going to Ijen creater and stopped in Paltuding the entrace to the creater of Ijen, 45minute from homestay. And trecking one hours with local guide we had prepared to Creater of Ijen. After to look around (Blue fire+Lake) going down to Paltuding and rest. 8.00am continue going to Baluran -+ 3 hours drive, Lunch at local restourant. 

 Price List Baluran 4D3N
 Pax   W-Day    W-End 
  2 @3100K   @3275K 
  3 @2500K  @2650K
  4 @2000K  @2150K

NOTE :  You can choose another hotel and
               we can discuss.

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